Wild Quarter HorseHorses have been observed to prefer open, wide spaces with panoramic visibility. What, I wonder, would be the effect of keeping them housed in stalls? What, I wonder, would happen to their hooves?

The inevitable impact on hoof hygene and natural hoof care should be not be ignored.

Movement is the key
The horse is made for movement by design. It is imperative as to how his body operates on numerous levels. His organs, his feet are all designed to perform at their best motion. His heart pumps the blood and movement shapes the hoof. Each step strengthens and builds the inner structures and moves blood through the blood vessels in the hoof.

Marcie Mendoza

Customer Service

You will find me at the front desk if you visit the EasyCare corporate headquarters. I am in charge of the web orders and I manage the Hoof Boot Upgrade program which offers discount pricing on boots.