Horse trainer, barefoot trimmer and EasyCare dealer Mike Daniels isn’t shy about how he feels about barefoot. The Raymondville, Missouri resident frequently presents clinics in the surrounding areas and gives his attendees a lot more than horsemanship to think about. 
Mike at one of his clinics. Photo from the Houston Herald,  Houston, MO

Photos from the Houston Herald, Houston, MO

A man of faith, Mike weaves his clinics with horsemanship and life lessons. Coinciding with all this is stewardship of the horse and talk about natural hoof care and what means for the horse and owner. Mike has found many people don’t give a lot of thought to their horse’s hooves and he wants to change that.

Mike’s story begins as someone who kept his horses bare simply because it was practical. If and when he needed to ride somewhere rocky, he would end up shoeing his horse for the trip. The expense for a one-time shoeing didn’t really add up for Mike and he began searching for other options. He picked up a pair of EasyCare hoof boots and became a barefoot and booted fan for life and hasn’t looked back.

Mike believes providing your horse with a natural lifestyle encompassing diet, exercise and barefoot hoof care is as close as we can come to giving them the life nature intended. 

Mike also contributes to the blog at the Houston Herald in Missouri. 

Mike Daniels, displays a barefoot trim. Photo from the Houston Herald, Houston, MO

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