My gelding wore shoes the entire time we competed. He has been semi-retired and barefoot for about six years now. His soles are so tender, I had given up trail riding him and only used him at home or in an arena and boy did he hate being left home! The farrier and I discussed re-shoeing him so he could go but I was hesitant. Someone recommended hoof boots and after much research and discussion, I finally got his first pair last week. We went trail riding Sunday and he's a whole different boy! No more tender feet or looking for the soft spots. The boots had a minimal effect on his breakover and stride. He had fabulous traction through the slippery mud. All of this with no rub spots or sore areas. I am truly amazed at the difference his new Glove Back Country made. My boy is finally able to go and be the happy camper he used to be. Thanks EasyCare!

Name: Charla Harper
City: Zephyrhills, FL USA
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove Back Country