Babe and Heather
Happy Holidays from Delaware.
Garwin and Lyndsay Kat on Moe in Colorado
 Pennsylvania, Colorado,
And straight from the pasture at Tory Hill Farm.
We need losts of water in the winter. And lots of hay
In the winter, we need lots of water. Slow feeders for Easy Keepers.
We get our feet trimmed up. We dress up for the holiday.
And a trim every month, while some of us like to dress up for the holidays.

First day out after surgery. Got kicked by a SHOD horse.

First day out after leg surgery. Whopee.

Garwin jumping oxers.

Garwin, the barefoot champion!

Rolling The shake
Now you’re talkin’!
Scenery is lovely. Covered in snow.
I bring out the best in photos. My first winter NOT being a racehorse.
Finale, a Shire will always come in for a cookie. Herschel and Sunny brave the snow to get to their hay.Finale, the clicker-trained Shire loves cookies. Heading for the hay.

Sunrise and Zana enjoying the view.

Zana and Sunrise hack in Woodlawn Preserve.

After the ride we like to play. Boots still on.

The boys romp, still in their studded boots, after the ride.

Slow Feeder Fast Feeder

The Human-Created Slow Feeder & the Arab-Created Fast Feeder.

Annie and Sunny

Dog Created None-for-you Feeder

dunking hay

However you eat hay, dunk when you can, to increase water in-take.

Martha and Squire Heather and Babe's Boots

Bareback keeps me warm, boots keep me safe.

Quick Studs in Glove

Love the EasyCare ‘Quick Studs’ for ice, wet grass; you name it. From 3:00 to 9:00, I put in 6 studs with a small ‘T’ socket wrench.

Babe goin wild
Bring it. Wild and crazy geldings.

Happy Holidays

Happy New Year!

From Dawn and Her Friends