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If you’re like the peeps over at Easyboot, then you’ve known bare is better for a long, long time.

Bare Hoof is Better

Fortunately, we’ve now got the facts that prove it. Nothing rivals the anatomy working the way nature intended it.

The Wonders of Modern Science
We conducted a field study using thermographic imaging of shod versus barefoot/booted horses before, during and after exercise.

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Making History
It’s no wonder that the barefoot horse made history last year when a horse with Easyboots  won the ultimate Haggin Cup prize at the Tevis 24-hour 100-mile horse in California. The award is presented to honor outstanding physical condition of one horse at the completion of the race. 182 horses that started the race, and only one horse wins the Haggin Cup.

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  • What made you realize bare is better?
Bare is Better

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