When you own horses, or any equine in general, you are bound to have a time when you might need to bandage the hoof for one reason or another. The time to practice this is before the incident occurs. Having natural horse products on hand and knowing exactly what and how to care for the horse hoof problems will be a blessing in disguise when you are faced with a situation that needs your immediate attention.

Make sure that you have Easyboots for horses on hand such as the EasySoaker boots and that will certainly be a plus on your side. Make certain you have correct sizing for whichever boot you decide to keep on hand.

I came across a great video and check list on a natural horse care website that will give you a great idea on how to accomplish the process on your barefoot hoof. You will no doubt be ready if you practice a time or two and make certain that you have a hoof care kit ready and waiting should any incident become real for you and your horse.

Go to thethoughtfulhorseman.com  or check out this link to see a great instructional video for you to watch. You can tweek the supply list and actual steps of the process to whatever suits your particular needs, but this is a great start and will get you thinking about being prepared.

Happy and Safe Riding to All………

Posted by Nancy Fredrick