Recently I decided I liked the looks of the Glove Back Country, and after hearing several reviews about the boots having a snugger fit of their same sized Glove counterpart, I thought about ordering a set to use on Chant, who often twists his right front Glove, despite having the appropriate size.

Because the dude is about 15.1 hands tall and approximately three feet long, he forges almost 100% of the time. He also obviously slightly twists his right front upon landing, because if I don’t use enough tape, his boot on that foot inevitably twists a few degrees after the first few miles of each ride. While I have found the appropriate boot to tape ratio, it would be nice to have a pair of boots to throw on for short trail rides or even conditioning rides where I didn’t feel like using tape. I liked the look of the BC Gloves and thought we’d give them a shot!

Tonight was the night, I needed to take Chant out for a spin and thought we might as well give our new boots a shot. I wasn’t disappointed.

I was first impressed by the design of the boots. With the comfort cup integrated into the fastening mechanism, the boots were put on quickly and easily. Because I knew I was fighting the twist, I ordered the same size Gloves that Chant usually wears, which warranted a quick tap of my rubber mallet. I understand this design is more forgiving than the regular Glove, and that people may be able to size up to allow for some foot growth that the Glove is picky about. This is a fantastic concept for those who aren’t OCD about rasping feet. After the shell tapped on, the rest of the gaiter was easily fastened. Off we went!

As I mentioned before, Chant is seriously about as long front to back as a yearling. His legs are, unfortunately, almost as long as his 15.3 hand brother, which makes for a whole lot of clickity-clacking during our rides. I was concerned that his hind feet smacking the fronts would unfasten the velcro, but was pleasantly surprised after our ride to find the velcro securely fastened. Chant immediately moved out with enthusiasm and didn’t move any differently than he does in his Gloves. While we didn’t ride though water, we went through lots of sand and nasty, sticky, dried weeds. After our ride, I was pleased that there was hardly any debris in the boots. Not only were his boots clean, they were straight  (!!) and there was no ruffling of hair suggesting irritation. To have another option to use for shorter rides is just downright exciting! While I plan to ride barefoot most of the off-season to better develop my boys’ feet, you just can’t have too many choices for when boots are necessary!

Before and after our ride. Nothing shifted, rubbed or un-velcro’d. Niiiiiiice.

As always, Easycare rocks. To continue to develop different boots that meet different needs of different horses and riders around the world shows what an innovative and inventive company Easycare continues to be. Thank you, Easycare, for raising the bar, and giving people more options. The Glove Back Country seems to be an incredible choice for a very wide range of people. I look forward to more miles in them