The following is from EasyCare customer, Dave Kleist:

Thanks for the fast, friendly service! Because you were able to get the Easyboot Glove Back Country boots to me on such short notice, I was able to take my third horse, Echo, to hunting camp up in the Colorado Rockies. He had been limping on sore front feet after throwing his front shoes miles from the trailer the week before. I couldn’t shoe him because of hoof damage. After putting the boots on with the inserts and walking him around for awhile, he seemed very comfortable with the them. This horse doesn’t like new things, so I was very happy that he took to these boots so easily. I put the boots on him on Thursday and he wore them for eight days with no problems. I rode and packed him for over seventy miles during that time.

We went into camp, up and down dry rocky trails, creek crossings and mud. The second day, it snowed over a foot. We had all kinds of conditions and the boots worked great.

Thanks for a great product and the fast service!