Professor Robert Bowker recently returned to Australia to lecture again for the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy and to also offer a two day seminar for professional trimmers and vets. 


Professor Bowker is a researcher and anatomy teacher based at Michigan State University and runs the Equine Hoof Laboratory there.  His ground breaking research into the hoof right down to cellular level, is helping trimmers understand the importance of anatomy based trimming strategies and 33 new Aussie students eagerly lapped up his information.

One student trimmer recently broke her leg in a riding accident, but in a wheelchair and armed with crutches, she flew in from Tasmania so as not to miss any of  Dr. Bowker’s lectures.

The Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy are excited to have Professor Bowker as one of our lecturers and thank him for his endless enthusiasm and wonderful advice.  We look forward to his return for the next course starting in October 2010.


Chris Ware

Course Co-ordinator