EasyCare is lucky to have such talented and passionate people like those at the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy working hard to get the barefoot message out and get others educated. 2010 has been another amazing year: the barefoot movement continues to gain acceptance mostly due to a greater awareness through education.

Enrollment is open for February 2011 class, see below for details.

Pictured below are the keen students who began their studies last October and now head out into the world to complete their case studies to join the ever growing number of Equine Podiotherapists in Australia. Congratulations to you all!

The October group from left to right:  Rob Little, David Le Mesurier, Nic Munn, Dean Fox, Libby Franz, Zoe Fieldhouse, Paul Lockwood, Jessica Mongagne, Laura Smith, Veterinarian Alina Luff, Gene Hutcheon, Karly Holcome, Dean Maronie, Tania Hanisch & Trish Radke.

The barefoot lifestyle is being embraced in Australia and interest in professional training is growing steadily too. More and more people are seeking professional training so they can work in the field of specialist equine hoof care.

The Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy www.equinepodiotherapy.com.au course developers are excited to see another group of students complete their final theory and practical exams and head out into new careers. The college trains two groups per year and shortly the February group will begin their exams too. The staff and lecturers from the college wish them every success in their new career path and know they will be wonderful Equine Podiotherapists.

These students have very diverse backgrounds. Some are already working in the equine health fields as farriers & veterinarians, some are white collar workers who wanted a complete sea change that allowed them to follow their equine passion that had up till now been a hobby, some are equine therapists who have come to this course to add to their already broad knowledge of the horse. Some had not done more than just use a hoof pick on their own horses hooves but felt that they really wanted to do a whole lot more for horses in general.  What ever the reason, students always bond instantly and become firm friends due to their common love of the horse and this makes for some fun learning experiences and great friendships.

The EPT course is 12 months in duration after which students have a series of case studies on various pathologies to undertake before attaining their Diplomas.

The college would like to thank Professor Robert Bowker for his ongoing support for this course through his visits to Australia to lecture with us and for providing our students with his enthusiasm and skills and also for allowing us into his world of ground breaking equine hoof research.

If you are considering a career in Professional Hoof Care the Aust. College of Equine Podiotherapy is taking enrollments for the next course commencing in February 2011. Simply email equinepodiotherapy@bigpond.com and ask our course coordinator for more information.

Future Equine Podiotherapist Laura Smith caught deep in thought totally engrossed in the wonders of the hoof.