Brumby Hooves, Photo from the Australian Brumby Research Unit website. A very special event is coming to the West Coast. This is a fantastic opportunity for barefoot trimmers and horse owners alike. Brian Hampson of the Australian Brumby Research Unit will be in Los Angeles on August 14th to discuss their important research and findings. 

If you are not familiar with the Australian Brumby Research Unit and what it means to natural hoof care now is your chance to learn all about it. The unit was established with the aim of investigating the feral horse and applying this research to improve the foot health of the domestic horse. The project is a part of the Australian Equine Laminitis Research Unit and headed by world renowned equine foot researcher, Professor Chris Pollitt BVSc PhD and coordinated by his PhD student Brian Hampson.

All are welcome to attend and monies generated by the event will be donated back to this amazing research that is important to the health of all our horses.

I will be attending and will be displaying EasyCare’s lineup of protective horse boots and natural hoof care products and I look forward to seeing everyone there! 

Brumby Horse Seminar
By Brian Hampson

Australian Brumby Research Unit
School of Veterinary Science
The University of Queensland 
      Sponsored by Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners


August 14th 9:00 – 5:00 at The Embassy Suites in Los Angeles

  • Wild horses worldwide
  • Background on brumbies in Australia
  • Domestic and wild horse movement through GPS studies
  • The brumby foot- morphology and radiography
  • The brumby footprint though pressure plate loading studies
  • Foot pathology in feral horses
  • Sole depth and its relation to weight bearing
  • Brumby nutrition in wilderness environments
  • Hoof moisture content in wet and dry habitats
  • The effect of environment on horses feet
  • Hoof wall architecture- the lamellae and outer hoof wall
  • What it all means for equine husbandry and foot care

Sign up today! The early bird rates have been extended so don’t delay. For more details visit Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners website.

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