We’re excited to announce our newest blog series, Ask the Expert. The expert in residence here at EasyCare is Garrett Ford. As many of you know, Garrett Ford has been the President of EasyCare since 1993.

Garrett has been involved with horses all of his life. He completed his first endurance ride when he was 12 years old, and he hasn’t stopped competing since then. He currently owns several endurance horses, and he has completed all of his endurance rides with Easyboots on his horses.

Garrett’s primary focus here at EasyCare is product development and making the perfect hoof boot for the barefoot horse. Garrett has designed and tested so many different versions of Easyboots and EasyShoes on his own horses through the years.

He really is one of the most skilled and experienced people you could talk to when it comes to hoof boots and urethane shoes. Now’s your chance to pick his brain. What would you like to ask Garrett?

Please ask your questions in the comments below or submit your questions to ewolcott@easycareinc.com.


  1. I need some help with the Easyboot stratus. I have a horse who has been loading her lateral wall on her front left hoof and has caused a mediolateral imbalance. The vet and I believe this has developed from an injury resulting in fibrotic myopathy in her back left leg. To try and correct it I overtrimmed her heels and now she is sore in her heels with the lateral side underrrun. With radiographs and expert advice we now know how to trim to correct this but I need help with how to use the stratus gel pad and rods. To help her heels grow and that lateral wall flare to grow out, how should I place those rods? FYI, she is longer on the medial side of her hoof and shorter on the lateral right now if that helps. Thanks so much!

  2. I really like the idea of this series! I’m interested in seeing all the questions that come in, and I’ll have to come up with one of my own.

  3. Question- Could you make your product/ boots out of a thinner/ softer plastic that flex’s better to allow for a suction cup type effect to the hoof, to help stay on? Kind of like wearing rubber boots without socks, it make a suction effect which makes it hard to remember your rubber boot. Just an idea????

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