We’re excited to release the second installment in our blog series, Ask the Expert. The expert in residence here at EasyCare is Garrett Ford. As many of you know, Garrett Ford has been the President of EasyCare since 1993. He really is one of the most skilled and experienced people you could talk to when it comes to hoof boots and urethane shoes.


Q: What does your testing process for new products involve?

A: Testing begins with making an injection mold of a new design. We do everything we can to perfect the new design before we reach this step because it’s a $10,000 investment to create an injection mold. We make the first mold in a common size so we can test the product on the largest number of horses in as many different conditions as possible.

[Please click here if you’re interested in learning more about the injection mold manufacturing process.]

After the mold is complete and we have a quality sample that works, I personally use the product on the EasyCare string of 60+ horses. EasyCare horses compete in endurance racing and on the flat track.

We are blessed with incredible trails and training opportunities right out our back door in Durango, Colorado. We can ride from 7,000 feet in elevation to 12,000 feet in elevation in roughly 15 miles. A 30-mile trip up and down the mountain gives me a great idea if a product works and/or what needs to be tweaked. After I can chalk up a couple of successful 30+ mile training rides, I send samples to friends around the world for additional testing and feedback.

We usually continue making tweaks and adjustments on that first mold set until we are happy with the design. Once we’re confident in the new product, we move forward with additional molds and sizes. Then we’ll begin production.


Now’s your chance to pick Garrett’s brain. What would you like to ask Garrett?

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  1. first time boot user,we have the easyboot trail 2, and need to know how tight around the pastern or how loose

    • Thank you for your question, Robert. There should be a small gap around the top of the Easyboot Trail, but no more than a finger’s width.

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