Is it normal that all of my horse’s hooves are different sizes?

Do I need to order each Easyboot in a different size?

Can’t I just order all of my Easyboots in the same size?”

We would like to assure you that it is completely normal for each of a horse’s hooves to differ slightly in length and width.

According to Andrea E. Floyd and Richard A. Mansmann, authors of the book Equine Podiatry, “There are enormous variations in hoof size between and within horses, and over time and with changes in use within particular hooves, so an individual horse may have all four hooves very similar or very different in size.”

It is for this very reason that we sell most of our Easyboots individually, and in such a wide range of sizes.

When you’re ordering hoof boots, it’s best to look at each hoof individually and choose the size that best fits that particular hoof, regardless of what size(s) would fit the other three. Many of our customers need to order different sizes for each of their horses’ hooves. You are not alone if each of your horse’s hooves wear a different sized Easyboot.



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