EasyCare welcomes three new retail dealers to the list of thousands who make EasyCare products available to customers across the world.

1. Hap Talman Stockman's Supply

Hap Tallman Stockman's Supply opened almost 50 years ago on an oil and gravel road called Overland in Boise, Idaho. It all began as a feed and vaccine store for horses and cattle. Today, Hap Tallman no longer walks the floors but his legacy lives on.

“This store has been established since 1962. We have been pleasing and displeasing our patrons ever since. We have made money. We have cashed bad checks, we have been cussed and discussed, knocked, talked about, lied about and lied to, held up and robbed. The only reason we stay in business is to see what the heck will happen next!”

2. The Wholistic Pet & Equine

The Wholistic Pet & Equine is situated close to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where the serenity and purity of nature is a daily experience. It was only natural that The Wholistic Pet would eventually evolve.

"Our company is based simply on a desire that a healthy lifestyle should encompass our most dependent and devoted family members, our pets." 

3. Sunset Acres Tack

Sunset Acres Tack has grown from one small room to three rooms and a storage trailer full of awesome deals.

"We’ve met great people at fairs, auctions and at our shop. We look forward to more of the same this year and hope to serve you better through our new online store."