Submitted by Stacey Maloney, 2014 Team Easyboot Member

Winter has artrived in here in Alberta, Canada, and with the snow comes changes in my hoof boot setup. I want to keep my horse in condition over the next few (many, too many) cold months and I need to keep her comfortable and safe while we’re at it. Even though our winters can be bitterly cold we get many reprieves in the way of the Chinook Winds that blow in and carry warm air with them. Couple a Chinook with a clear sunny day and we’re in business.

Unfortunately, the Chinook winds have a propensity of turning any hard packed snow into glare ice. This happened so often last year that all my usual trails were unrideable because they were so dangerous. This year it’s been warm enough so far to melt most of the ice off the roads with the only sections remaining at the intersections of the county roads and some spots on the trails.

Fortunately for me I’m much more prepared this year. Marina got her first pair of Easyboot Gloves and just the other day we applied the Quick Studs to them as well as a set of Easyboot Epics. Lucky for me, my dear husband is quite handy and made quick work of getting the studs into all four boots.

Following the directions was quite simple: drilling pilot holes the appropriate depth then using the QuickStud Applicator tool to seat the studs in the tread of the boot – done and done.

We now have a set of four studded, winter ready boots. Look out ice, you can’t keep me home anymore. Of course, we’ll still be very very careful and avoid the ice if possible, but I no longer have to totally reroute my training plans.

We’re working on stepping up our game next year, competing in the Intermediate Division of our Provincial Competitive Trail Club and I’m hoping to aim Marina at our first 50 mile ride. That means we’ll be traveling faster and farther than we ever have before. There’s not a lot of down time to be had for the distance horses. Like any human athlete, gaining strength and cardio-vascular function is a long process best taken at a slow and steady pace. Without the kind of hoof protection offered by EasyCare, I’m not sure how we’d get it done without the seasons dictating our schedule.


We rocked 16 miles today and Marina felt comfortable and confident every step of the way. Thank you EasyCare for your unbeatable products – you are the reason we are able to keep riding year round.