As you can see in the last Shamrock report, we had all sorts of conditions this year near Wheatland, WY. Our family ran the barefoot spectrum: son Joe’s horse wore Glue-ons, Mom Yvette’s horse wore Gloves, and my horse was barefoot. And the conditions varied just as much: rock, smooth pasture, water crossings, heat, cold, hills, sun, rain, hail, etc … you name it. For our family, and our horses, that’s really the big advantage of boots: versatility. We can keep our horses barefoot most of the time, but still take them to areas of different footing without fear, and without hassle. Our horses are expected to be versatile: trail riding, endurance, CTR, hunting, packing. The boots really allow them to go from one use to another, while remaining barefoot in between. We used to see steel shoes as the hoof care that allowed convenience, and it’s true that steel shoes are in some ways the "easy answer." But we’ve come to discover that boots are the real "easy answer" because they allow our horses be more versatile.

Name: John Haeberle
City: Laramie
State: WY
Country: USA
Equine Discipline: Endurance
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glue-On