Congratulations, Sharon! You won the photo contest this week!

Here’s what Sharon shared with us:

This is me and Herbie on a lovely fall trail ride. Herbie is 18 years old this year. I am 68, but no one believes either of are these ages. Herbie and I have been together for 14 years as of October 6th. He is a Racking Horse with a fancy stride and a lot of go. He’s smart (smarter than me) and an excellent trail partner. I’ve gotten lost before, and he’s been the one to get us back home. Nothing scares him. I’ve always said if you dropped a lit cherry bomb down one ear, while the smoke was coming out the other, he’d say, “Ooh! Somebody barbecuing?”

He’s a dedicated eater of all things green on the trail, with a preference for clover and long grasses. Early on he learned how to do the “grab and go” grazing style, which is perfectly fine with me. I figure both of us have to enjoy a good trail ride. My goal is to get in the saddle and go. His goal is to get moving and eat as much greenery as possible while we’re walking.

He wasn’t what I was looking for when I decided to buy another horse after I lost my previous horse that I’d had for 18 fantastic years. I didn’t think I could match Herbie’s predecessor for talent and good looks. I thought I wanted a gaited mare, 15.2hh, 10-15 years old, and broke to perfection on the trail. What I got was a gaited gelding, 14hh (eventually 14.2hh), and well started to become the super trail horse he is. When I first saw him he walked out of his stall, put his head down my front and said, “Take me home.” I did and never looked back!

Herbie is pictured wearing the Easyboot Back Country.

Thanks for sharing with us, Sharon! 

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