My 13 year old Appendix Pi has been barefoot for about 5 years now and he loves his Easyboots!  We’ve been using Easyboot Bares since we initially pulled his horse shoes and he hacks out on the trails like a champ… Whether it’s on the rocky trails around us in Massachusetts or climbing the forever up-and-down beautiful hills of Vermont or moving right along on a hunter pace.  We are often asked by other riders what his hoof boots are for, and my answer is often quickly followed up with, ‘Isn’t he too big to go barefoot?’  This barefoot horse doesn’t think so!

Lately we’ve been doing a lot more jumping and with all the rain in the Northeast this past spring, I realized Pi would benefit from a bit more traction, especially when we’re soaring over fences in a field.  I decided to try the Easyboot Grips and we haven’t looked back!  They grab the ground and provide us with a secure landing without sticking too much — and Pi loves them. 

Thanks for helping us keep on jumping barefoot — despite the weather!

A special thanks to Aimee for sharing her positive hoof boot experience with us.  We’re glad Pi loves his EasyCare hoof boots!

Posted by Tara Kelly