I was in the carriage industry for 12 years before opening my own company in 2004. I want my horses to have the best care possible. I do all the feeding, clean stalls, etc, because few people would care for my boys like I do.

I started looking for alternatives to steel shoes, I knew that the rubber shoes that are required in some cities are actually very harmful for the horses legs and hooves. The frog is over an inch off the ground so it does not have the flexion that it is designed for. Those shoes were not an option!

For years we have used Easyboots for a lost shoe so I started looking to see if any carriage companies used them on a regular basis, I found nothing! I was concerned how the boots would hold up under the weight of my 19 hand, 2300 pound draft horses! 2 of my boys wear a size 8 steel so that put them in a size 7 Easyboot. As long as the boots are put on correctly we do not have a problem with them falling off and even when the streets are wet they provide unbeatable footing. The difference in the price of shoeing averages out and I do not have to worry about lost shoes! Since my horses are with the public on a daily basis, the most common question that we get is what is on his feet?! Our answer is they are called Easyboots, they are literally tennis shoes for horses. People really appreciate the care that Amelia Island Carriages provide for our horses!

Name: Cyndi
City: Fernandina Beach
State: FL
Country: USA
Equine Discipline: Other
Favorite Boot: Original Easyboot