Flashback to October, 2012. 6 months earlier my husband had lost his beloved Miss P, an 18 year old Foxtrotter, to colic. I had been looking all summer and fall for the perfect replacement. I asked him what he wanted in a horse. The answer was small, gaited, gentle but with a bit of go.

In October, I thought I found the right horse: a 14h1 Palomino Foxtrotter. She only had a couple of months of training but she seemed to be heading the right direction. Sold! I rode her a couple of times, a bit green, but solid and predictable. Enter Charles, and lesson number one. Never pair a somewhat green rider with a horse looking for direction. His uncertainty and tendency to switch into panic mode when riding put what training she had started into the toilet. She dumped him twice and quickly turned into a runaway panicking mess.

It has taken me two-and-a-half years to get this horse into a horse that is rideable. It took tons of patience: gaining her trust was the hardest thing I have ever done. Her nickname, even up to last summer, was Rocket. Last February, I decided her goal would be the Antelope Island limited distance rides in the great Salt Lake, Utah. Since I am 5’8″ and she is 14.1, I dropped 10 lbs. Has anyone ever lost weight driven by their horse?

We trailered up to Antelope Thursday and hit the trail on Friday. Oh my gosh – what a ride this horse gave me. So many people asked me on the trail what she was. I was proud to say she was a Foxtrotter. Better yet, I am able to keep her barefoot and use Gloves in the front, bare in the back to compete in. I love those Gloves.

They do not affect her gait at all. In fact she moves out better with them on. Her action is very snappy and fast but the Gloves don’t budge. She finished 7th out of 14 on Friday, and 3rd out of 21 on Sunday. Thanks, Easyboot for making it possible to compete on rocky terrain with my little Amber. Oh, and Charles is not getting this one back: I love riding her now.

Name: Julie Figg
City: Ignacio, CO
Country: USA
Equine Discipline: Endurance
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove