The AERC and NATRC Convention and Tradeshow was held over the past weekend in Reno, Nevada.  Both AERC and NATRC are horse associations that focus on trail competitions over difficult distances and challenging terrain.

I had the opportunity to speak to the NATRC board on Thursday afternoon and discuss EasyCare’s new product range and a possible NATRC rule change that will allow above the hairline boots in the sport.  The meeting went well and it looks like the rule change has been passed and will now be presented to the membership for final voting.  In the very near future it is very likely that NATRC riders will be able to use EasyCare boots with gaiters like the Easyboot Glove.  I really enjoyed the NATRC board.  Awesome group of people, great horsemen and women!

The tradeshow was a blur!  We were busy from start to finish.  Thank you for all those who stopped by to tell us about your success stories during the 2009 ride season.  Everyone really likes the new Easyboot Glove and Easyboot Glue-On. Good thing we had help from fellow endurance riders like Dave Rabe, Christoph Schork, Dian Woodward, Jeremy & Heather Reynolds and Andy Bown.

With the help of Andy Bown, Christoph Schork, Heather Reynolds, Dian Woodward, Miriam Rezine, Kevin Myers, Jeremy Reynolds, Kevin Myers and Lucy Chaplin Trumbull we broke down the booth in less than 20 minutes.  Christoph, Jeremy, Garrett and Andy use the team work approach to shrink wrap the pallet. 

We attended the awards banquet on Saturday night and had the opportunity to see Dave Rabe inducted into the AERC Hall Of Fame.  Dave Rabe has been an inspiration to everyone in the sport and his induction is well overdue!  Congrats to Dave Rabe.

Dave Rabe