There are a variety of cable adjustments one can make to secure an Easyboot or Easyboot Epic on a horses hoof.  While the ideal adjustment is one that will require more strength to push the buckle down than most people can do with their hands, you can always step on the buckle with your foot.  If the buckle goes down too easy, then chances are it won’t stay fastened because it is too loose.

Take a look at the below photos to view the variety of cable adjustments that can be made to these handy hoof boots.


Photo 1 shows how one might adjust the cables prior to putting the boots on the horses hoof.


Photo 2 shows the cables adjusted the standard way- up thru the center groove in the buckle system.



Photo 3 shows the cable adjusted in the loosest setting possible.  This works for horses that measure in the upper numbers for that boot size.


Photo 4 shows the cable adjusted in the 2nd from loosest setting.


Photo 5 shows a tighter setting.  Putting the cable up thru the center with one part, and the other part going around to the side.  You could wrap around either side.


Photo 6 shows the cable adjustment on the tightest setting at the top.

Another handy tip… Rather than reaching for your screw driver or EasyCare Hoof Pick to open the buckle, use the nylon pull strap that comes with the boot.  Just slide it under the buckle so that you can pull it up with both hands.  This will give you the leverage you need to pull the buckle up without needing any tools!

Posted by Tara Kelly