Here are some tips on getting your Easyboot Bares properly fitted:

Train your gaiters.

Ride in the horse boots one or more times before tightening the bungee.

Tighten one side of the bungee and make sure you can still put the boot on – it may help to ride in the boot again before tightening the 2nd side.

Try riding in the boots on your horses hind feet or another barefoot horse that has smaller feet for the first ride or two.

If the boot is too difficult to put on brand new, you can let out the adjustment by one setting on each side of the bungee.

It may take a little more effort to get the boots adjusted to work for your barefoot horse, but once they are adjusted the boots should go on and off quite easily.  You may wear out a gaiter or other part before the tread on the boot wears through. If you do those parts can easily be replaced.

Chris Freeman


Accounts Manager

I am responsible for the accounting at EasyCare. My responsibilities require me to manage accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing, receipt of inventory and international order processing.