Submitted by Gene Limlaw

Well, it has been a little over a year since I decided to stop having steel shoes put on my horses. A lot of people make the transition because they are having trouble keeping shoes on their horses. I guess I was lucky that my horses have nice hooves that grow pretty fast and they were getting out of balance inbetween shoeings. Even my sensitive footed stallion is doing well, I did a 10 mile hunter pace a couple weeks ago and he felt wonderful. I put Easyboot Gloves on him in front and left him barefoot behind.

We have had a real dry summer here in the Northeast and people that have shod horses that I ride have had a lot of lost shoes this summer. I really do not miss that part of shoes.

In the past year I have met a lot of new people interested in what I have on my horses feet. They will come up and say “What are on her feet?” When I say Glue-Ons they say “Really? I have never seen them,” and we have a nice conversation about the process.

Glue-ons still are not as common here, so people get very intergued by them. Gluing takes a little practice, but then really so do most things worth doing. I even have gone as far as to help people interested in trying Glue-ons by doing it for them. And they have gone on to have very good rides in them.

I really do feel it is a lifestyle change that takes time to adjust to and become comfortable with. I have spent the summer practicing my trimming skills on our broodmares and have become much more able in this department also. I still have a trimmer regularly come and make sure things are on track.

I have done a little over 600 miles this year with increasing success as the season has gone on. My mare is still young and I am having a great time with her. I am excited about the rest of this season and have my sights set on some big things for next year. The last month I did a few clinics and some dressage and jumping lessons.

So I have my work cut out to improve the overall horse as well as my horsemanship and riding skills. A fun fall it will be.

Gene Limlaw
Weathersfield, VT