My friend and I were riding our horses at Big South Fork on a beautiful spring day this year. There were misty waterfalls surrounded by shady mountain laurel; cliffs and cavernous overhangs, and lacy ferns covering the forest floor. The skies were blue, and the temperature was perfect! Last year was a rough year after a broken ankle and surgery, and I missed riding. Instead of shoeing him, I purchased some Easyboot Trail boots, and they worked wonderfully on the trail. There were quite a few rocks and some mud puddles and they stayed on really well. I do recommend getting the gaiters, especially when riding in sand or mud (a lot in Big South Fork) which help keep the pasterns from chafing, and protect the back of the hoof. Happy Trails!

Name: Lauryn Hembree
City: Loudon, Tennessee, USA
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Trail