A stitch in time saves nine. Before you retire that Easyboot Glove or Epic gaiter you might ask yourself, “Can it be saved”?

Have you ever wished you could repair an Easyboot Glove or Epic gaiter?  Well you can. Utilizing a Speedy Stitcher Awl you can do the repair yourself quickly and easily. Hoof care professional Leslie Carrig of High Desert Hoof Care utilizes this handy tool to save a compromised gaiter and bring it back to full functional use.

Speedy Stitcher Awl. All photos courtesy of Leslie Carrig

To make a repair obtain a Speedy Stitcher Awl, waxed thread (waxed thread does come with the awl), scissors and a tool of some sort can be handy to lift the loop of thread. Leslie likes to use a small screwdriver. That’s it!


Assembled tools.

The final results inside and out.