I am so proud to be a part of Team Easyboot. Looking back at 2012, it isn’t so much about the miles or awards as it was for me in the past, but rather the unique connection to riders and the experiences shared in using and promoting Easyboots.

My season began with Easyboot Glue-Ons and the Owhyee Fandango Ride.  EasyCare gear from head to hoof, RSI Moniet Leattie and I met the challenge and finished with Team Pride!

A perfect view of our Glue-Ons as Leattie and I completed the Pink Flamingo Rides. You will notice the Original Easyboot clipped on to my saddle.  Back in the day, my T-shirt read, “Carry An Easy Boot or Get a Sense of Humor”!  This boot is approximately 20 years old and it is quite the good luck charm and conversational piece on the trail.

You will see that after 375 miles, this one pair of Glue-Ons look brand new. With patience and a new learning curve, I have become quite educated in the fine art of removing Glue-Ons and popping out goobers!

This “Dave’s Easy Tool” was made by Dave and Mellissa Smith, my own personal trimmers. I rely on Dave and Melissa for the barefoot care and triming of all my horses.

Leattie in full stride after pulling off boots and another 155 miles under her girth: the perfect image of team pride. A darn good horse, proper feed and care, consistant hoof care, dedicated conditioning to finish endurance rides, and representing EasyCare!

Sharon Ballard