I admit it, I am a ‘glue phobic’. I have seen the glue-on process many times, but I am just terrified to try it myself. So I thought I would experiment.

I recently did a 50 mile endurance ride in Sonoita, Azrizona. I used a pair of Easyboot Gloves and iI secretly removed the gaiters. I did not rough up the outer walls of my horse’s hooves. Instead I cleaned them really well with a pick and a brush. I then Goober Glued the bottom of the hooves thoroughly using a putty knife. I applied the boot, then wrapped the boot on with my Mueller Athletic tape. I applied the boots just prior to leaving my house so the trailer ride would give the glue time to set while the horse was as still as possible. The biggest enemy of any glueing type, is the dreaded twisting of the hoof. Nothing is worse than  to have the horse twist right out of the boots. 

This is after 50 miles. Success!

The experiment.

I left the tape on during the 50-mile ride. It just added extra hold and acted like a sealant.

The experiment was a success for me. The picture above is after we completed. Viva La Experimentation! 

Sabrina Liska