They say everything happens for a reason. Sometimes that reason remains a mystery and leaves us wondering why. But when the why plays out before your very eyes it is gratifying to know all was not lost. You may recall back in March of this year the story of Magnum. This resilient little horse owned by hoof care practitioner Joe Kunkel of Midland, TX  presented us with a fascinating look at how a hoof can heal.

Magnum’s right hind hoof about 5 weeks after sustaining an injury. 

Magnum’s right hind hoof today pre trim.

Magnum has come a long way since his May 14th, ordeal. The twists and turns of the story makes the situation a blessing in disguise and these days the why is crystal clear. Magnum’s accident resulted in his “For sale”, sign being pulled. Now, healed up and doing well, this conveniently made Magnum available to Joe’s 15 year old grandson, Zack. Turns out Magnum is living up to his name and making a pretty spiffy shooting horse for young Zack. The duo who broke out earlier in the year with the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association, have been working hard at the sport and doing well. In fact, it’s become a family affair with Grandpa Joe, Zack and his little brother Kolton all hitting the road together. I can only imagine the conversations in that truck. Good memories for sure.

Magnum and Zack getting it done with a little help from some Easyboot Glove Back Country boots.

And now you know the rest of the story. We wish Magnum, Zack, Joe and Kolton much success in all their future shoots.

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Debbie Schwiebert


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