Exactly when man domesticated the horse is questionable.  Exactly which of the human societies first used the horse as a mount is debatable.  But the fact that progress went from a walk to a gallop once man and horse became partners – that’s undeniable!

There is no doubt that the Chinese were the first real “horsemen.”  The Chinese were harnessing the horse about 4,000BC.  Some say that the Assyrians were the first of the eastern Mediterranean cultures to make use of an article which resembled a saddle.  All they lacked were stirrups.

The saddles mentioned in the Bible are considered to be saddlecloths.  In Europe, the saddle came into use in the Middle Ages. The medieval knights would have had a hard time without a saddle!  There are two main types of horse saddles, the Hungarian (English/McClellan) saddle and the Moorish (Western) saddle.  The Moorish saddle, which was used extensively by cowboys in the United States, has a horn which is essential in using the lasso.

It appears that people rode astride for over 1500 years before they devised a method for achieving greater stability in the saddle.  An early form of stirrup can be traced to India in the second century BC.  It consisted of a simple loop through which the rider placed his big toe.  This was of limited value for stabilizing a rider and did not help the rider actually mount the horse.  Obviously, stirrups have come a long way since that time.  The E-Z Ride Stirrups  are light-weight aluminum stirrups allow for the best possible weight distribution.  The thick foam pad provides comfort for the knees and back and the new top bar deadens the shock transmitted from the horse.

The McClellan Packer’s Saddle of 1913 was an odd saddle that was made for wranglers of supply pack trains that needed the horn for lead ropes, etc.  Quite a number of other personnel in the cavalry were issued packer saddles.  Packs have certainly taken several developmental changes since those early days.  The Stowaway Line is the most advanced innovation in “no-bounce” saddle pack design.***  Maximum storage with minimum bulk, they will work for every riding style.  The Hoof Boot Stowaway is the perfect complement to any hoof boot.

Saddle packs have been used for hundreds of years, from the early Native Americans, to the frontiersman, to the cavalry and early cowboys.  There is nothing quite like the thrill of traveling on horseback and for some, it’s still a way of life.

***November 2020 update: We still have many Stowaway products currently available. Stock up while you can!

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