Testimonials on the barefoot hoof and protective horse boots are prolific at EasyCare. Here is one on a couple of happy horses with their natural hoof care experiences.

"I’ve got a 7 yr old OTTB (reasonable feet, barefoot about a year now, I do ride in boots) and a 24 yr old ex-eventer Appaloosa who had all types of issues and is now very happily barefoot for the past 4 years. The TB has decent sized feet, although loves to try to stay run-under on the right front, has platter type feet and has worn the Old Macs and Boas. The Appaloosa has crappy feet, upright pasterns, basically tea-cups for feet and wears Boas quite nicely. They are both very happy with their boots.

I’ve used the original Old Macs, the Boas and the new Old Mac G2’s. I love both versions of the Old Macs however the Boas are much easier to put on!

I’ve found that the shape of the hoof makes a huge difference as to the type of boot that works for each of my horses. The type of riding that I do is trail riding (nothing severe), ring work, riding in fields and jumping. So far, I’ve been slightly more comfortable jumping in the Boas.

I’ve found that the biggest factors to finding boots that I’m satisfied with is proper fit and correct shape for that horses hoof.

The boots that I use are the kinds that go over the top of the hoof. Someone recently mentioned the new Easyboot Bares which look quite intriguing as they do not go over the top of the hoof which, in theory, I think I like the idea of.

I only use boots in front on the horses. SO far, they’ve managed to seem fine barefoot behind and it’s nice to save on shoeing bills!

With today’s ecomomy we all agree that it’s great that we can find affordable hoof protection for our horses!"

For more information on getting the right fit for your horse, check out our boot fitting guidelines page here



Posted by Marcie Mendoza