It makes little or no difference, if you want hoof protection, EasyCare has the boot you need.

The testimonial sent in by Karen Long tells it all. Karen, wearing the red shirt, and her horse Rhett, use the Easyboot Bare. Her husband Lee, standing next to her on his TWH Cherokee Sue, sport the Edge Boot. Karen’s friend Janet and her TWH Kelly chose the Glove Boot. Benny and Gale also use the Bare boots. There’s a protective horse boot out there for everyone.

Karen tells us of her riding experiences at Pigsa National Forest and everyone truly loves the rough mountain terrain. They never have to worry about loosing boots as they all have the perfect fit. EasyCare wishes many Happy Trails to Karen & Company.

Do you have a story you would like to share with us about your experiences in using Protective Horse Boots?

Marcie Mendoza