Have you ever gotten back from a ride, removed the boots and wondered how to clean the Velcro? Our warehouse personnel have been using a simple cat brush (their own Velcro Cleaner) on the Velcro to remove grass, hair and whatever else is stuck. They use it on both the hook and loop sides of the Velcro. This can also rejuvenate that loop side as well.

If you have seeds or small sticks still stuck in the Velcro, try using a steel brush. A little metal brush just a bit bigger than your toothbrush works wonders as well. So go to your local pet shop and pick up your cat brush to clean your Velcro.

You can use it on the gaiter for the Easyboot Epic, Easyboot Bare, Easyboot Glove and Easyboot Grip. The best one to use it on however, is the Old Mac or Old Mac G2.
Don’t forget that the Stowaways also have Velcro and this helpful tip can be used on them as well.

Posted by Chris Freeman