Submitted by Chris Freeman.

Are you using the Boa Horse Boot on your Barefoot Horse and having issues with the fastening system? Or while trying to replace the Boa Lace?  You may have sand or debris clogging the channel. This video should help. If further assistance is need, please contact us at 800-447-8836.

The outside tread pattern of the Boa Horse Boot™ has been designed for traction, yet allows the barefoot hoof and lower leg to move after contact with the ground surface.

There is a fine line between traction and aggressive traction. Boots or shoes with aggressive traction don’t allow movement of the barefoot hoof and lower leg, causing unneeded lower limb stress and injuries. The Boa Horse Boot™ has been designed to provide traction similar to the natural barefoot hoof. Boa Horse Boots™ provide traction without injuries.

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