Today I rode my horse Eagle for the first time in over two weeks. This was due to weather and my being in AZ for a week. I am really excited to report that his rear feet have gained a size since I last rode him! He is now in 0.5’s and I still had to use my mallet. Eagle has been bare since Dec. 21, 2009. His fronts are also 0.5’s and the rear fit seems to be better actually. I think his fronts have farther to go in their transition. I used athletic tape underneath the rear boots and this worked much better for me than in times prior. Today I payed more attention to cleaning and drying his feet and I think it made a big difference in how the tape performed. We rode from Foresthill to Michigan Bluff and back via Volcano Canyon.

I am super excited that we lost no boots! They never budged. With Eagle being fresh there were antics, cavorting and even some bucking! We went through mud, water (the creek at the bottom of Volcano is currently a raging river) and all sort of torquing conditions.  I was quite pleased considering the conditions. I rode with friends and they were also quite impressed with the performance of the boots!

Name: Leslie Spitzer
City: Cool
State: California
Country: USA
Equine Discipline: Endurance
Favorite Boot: EasybootGlove