A Goober (that would be me) tried the ol’ Goober Glue on the sole of the Easyboot Glove only. Being the experimental kinda gal that I am, I watched the videos on applying the Easyboot Glove with the Goober Glue, as explained by Kevin Myers. I gathered all the required tools needed to apply the Easyboot Gloves successfully.

I decided to only boot the front hooves for this Limited Distance ride. I am a very messy applier. I had one friend take pictures while the other was my handler of instruments. I felt like a doctor asking the nurse… glue, putty knife, boot. Using gloves was very helpful, (although I ripped one right off the get go). I first cleaned the hoof very well with the hoof pick then the wire brush. I then wrapped the hoof with two layers of black Mueller Athletic tape.

Tapin' the hoof

Then the fun part. Using a caulking gun to apply the Goober Hoof Pack, or as I like to call it, the ‘Goob Glue’.

Gluing in the collateral grooves

Once the collateral grooves are filled, use the putty knife to spread it like butter or jam on toast.

Spreading the glue.

This is the hardest part for me. Boot application. Did I say I was messy? Without letting go of that hoof, carefully put the Easyboot Glove on. Seat it nicely and then set the hoof down making sure the gaiter is out of the way. Fasten the gaiter. Repeat on other hoof.

It seems complicated and too much work, but it only took me about 20 minutes to do two horses’ front hooves. And it was my first time! Results? Here is a complete Jersey hoof.

Jersey's completed hoof.

And here are Savannah’s completed hooves.


I’m thinking practice, practice, practice. I need a lot of practice with the tape, I tend to get it too high to the coronet band. The boots were applied about 15 hours prior to the 25 mile ride. They did not twist and held fast. I was really impressed. I felt the Goober Hoof Pack was additional ‘padding’ to the sole as well as kept that Easyboot Glove on the hoof.

Removal? After the ride, I used a flat head screwdriver, pried the boots around the edges first to help release any sticky tape, then started to pry the boot from the sole. It took about 10 minutes or so to remove the boots. Most of the glue stuck to the sole of the hoof, making the boot easy to clean for re-using.

It was fun experimenting. I liked this process and had great results!

Prying with a screwdriver.
glue stuck to hoof
Cleanin the boot