Once upon a time, in a far away land called Idaho, there lives a girl who only sometimes is referred to as Princess. Mostly due to her freaky, obsessive and somewhat bossy nature. The girl lives and breathes horses, and has always wanted the best for them. This includes keeping them barefoot for living and booted for riding. Nothing but the best, she only uses Easyboot Gloves.

The girl’s horses include a black, majestic fire-breathing Shagya dragon, an elegant carousel horse and a wicked little gnome named F-Bomb. Because the girl was tired of the wickedness, The Great Trade was enacted and the wicked gnome was traded for her very own princess-pony Unicorn. The Unicorn was shod when he arrived and the girl took great care in transitioning The Unicorn from shoes to his own magical Easyboot Gloves. As expected, The Unicorn flies in his boots.

So far, The Unicorn has completed two endurance rides in his Easyboot Gloves, just six months from pulling his shoes. Nero being Nero, he hasn’t missed a step and finished his first booted ride 4th, and his second in 1st. Being a unicorn and all, he was genetically blessed with nearly perfect feet that were practically made for the Gloves. The Evil Villains, known as High Heel, Low Heel, Long Toe, Thrush and Dirty Dish are kept at bay by The Unicorn’s magical powers. The Villains slink along plaguing innocent horses and riders with various issues that prevent boots from working their best. Aggressive battle is required to beat The Villains, and often people fight to the death. Many times The Villains fall victim to a stubborn and determined individual, but sometimes the battle is quit because it’s too hard, “too impossible” or too uncomfortable. The villain wins in these cases and the horse is often put back into steel shoes because there is “no other option.” The villain slinks along to the next victim.

The girl hasn’t always been so lucky. Dirty Dish, High Heel and Long Toe have been collaborating attacks on my lovely carousel horse for the three years I’ve owned him. Long Toe has also set his sights on the Shagya dragon as well. The little bastards will die before I, er, the girl,  give up! They are messing with the wrong princess.

The Shagya Dragon

The Fire-Breathing Shagya Dragon is the most excellent war horse. Bring it on, Long Toe! We have surely been making progress against Long Toe. The biggest problem we have faced is twisting due to boots that were long enough to accommodate the extra toe. After bringing his toe back to an acceptable length, we were able to put a smaller (size 3 being relative) boot on The Dragon’s feet which has eliminated the twisting. Take THAT, Long Toe! The below picture was pre-toe-ectomy. 

The Dirty Dish and higher heel can cause boot retention problems as well as rubbing. Luckily we haven’t had many problems aside from my constant frustration. While they certainly aren’t perfect, we are constantly working on them. If this war is ever won, there will be an epic celebration! 

The Unicorn

Big, beautiful hard feet. Nero wears a size 2 in front and 1 behind. He has the feet that I wish ALL  horses had. 

Are you battling with one of The Villains? Maybe you don’t even know. If you’re dealing with rubbing gaiters, boot-retention issues or a difficult transition, you may be fighting a battle you haven’t even recognized. Before blaming the boot, take a good, hard look at the cards you’re dealing with and get ready to battle. A sharp rasp, short trim cycle and sense of humor are required. Happy endings are inevitable. Keep trying and don’t give up. And if you need reinforcement, don’t hesitate to call!!

And they all lived happily ever after,