Third Place Story Winner

Submitted by Tammy Harty, EasyCare Customer

Today I delivered a friends dying wish. My friend Joyce was in her last days of her battle with brain cancer. It was her request to be in the presence of a horse one last time. Yet, she was under Hospice care and was not able to leave the house and too weak get out of her bed. It seemed like an impossible task to honor her dying wish.

I am a therapist and practice equine assisted psychotherapy and have watched miracles unfold through partnerships with the horse. I knew my mare Bunny was up to this task. So, we booted up and hauled into the subdivision where she lived. Bunny marched right over to her house and up the stairs onto the deck. Yes, the horse is at the front door getting ready to step over the threshold. Into the house we went, through the kitchen and Bunny made a beeline for Joyce. They had a wonderful visit and Joyce got to spend some time in her final days with her equine friend. I was honored to be a part of this special life event.

Thanks to the boots, not a scratch on any floor.