Written by EasyCare Product Specialist Kat Tarnowski

I’ve been part of the EasyCare team a few months now and I have learned A LOT. Not just about EasyCare products, but about hooves and angles and soles and heels and heel bulbs and more. I’ve been around horses for over 20 years and I THOUGHT I knew a lot about hooves. Don’t get me wrong, I can treat an abscess in my sleep, pull a shoe, rasp a hoof, smell thrush a mile away, but I have never fully thought about the mechanics behind it all.  I didn’t realize how much I don’t know. And I’m so excited to keep learning!

I know that my horse, Sexypants, has a funny little foot because of his fusing hock. It wears slightly different and because he rests that leg a lot, his other hind foot grows a bit weird, too.  But now I find myself staring at his hooves…to the point of creeping him out a bit. He looks at me like, “Mom! What are you doing down there?”

Sexypants is a southern California horse through and through, so I want to make sure his feet are in good enough shape to handle his first Colorado winter. Luckily, my farrier told me that he has a nice sole and shouldn’t have too much of an issue transitioning to a Colorado winter. I don’t think Sexypants agrees, though. Especially when he comes running to have his blanket put on and pouts when it is taken off before he is ready. Someone please check on us in February!

I’ve learned that EasyCare products can be life changing for some horses. I’ve spoken to quite a few people who are in tears because their horse can’t walk. They are trying a last ditch effort to make their companion comfortable. Then I get the call that the horse is now trotting around the pasture and comfortable because of the Cloud boot. It truly is heartwarming.  Also, my dog agrees that the Cloud boots are extremely comfortable. If you ever hear growling in the background when you’re on the phone with me, it’s most likely this tiny terror.

I’ve measured the horses I ride, as well as my friend’s young horse, to see which products would work best on them. I cannot wait for my horse’s boot collection to match my own!