Last week two members of the EasyCare team, Brendan Coulter and Dan Schroeder, traveled to Denver, Colorado, to participate in the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization’s (ELPO) International Lameness Prevention Conference (ILPC). EasyCare was a proud sponsor of this three-day event.

What is the ELPO?

According to their website, the ELPO is a “501(c)(3) non-profit group that is dedicated to progressive research and education for equine health. This organization was designed to be a place where horse owners, horse enthusiasts, and equine professionals can go to get help, offer assistance to others, exchange ideas, and discuss the health and soundness of their equine companions.”

About the Conference

The 2019 International Lameness Prevention Conference took place October 17 – 19. It was a great event for horse owners and equine professionals of all levels. There were numerous lectures and presentations on various aspects of equine hoof and health care, with an emphasis on preventing and treating lameness.

Brendan Coulter, EasyCare’s Director of Sales, gave a presentation that included a short history of EasyCare, some featured product overviews, and dealer opportunities. Many people stopped by the EasyCare booth to visit and ask questions about our products. Dan and Brendan were able to explain the different EasyCare dealer opportunities, specifically those for hoof care practitioners.

The event was well-attended by barefoot trimmers, veterinarians, and hoof care enthusiasts who all shared a common goal of learning and improving their farrier skills. Participants traveled from all over the United States, Great Britain, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. There was a chance for all involved to network and share dinner each night.

Overall, the conference was a great mix of practical and theory-based information on keeping our horses sound and happy. It was well worth the trip to Denver, and EasyCare is proud to have been involved in this event.


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