The 10th Anniversary edition of The Horse’s Hoof magazine is hot off the press and guess who is on the cover?  Our very own Garrett Ford and the Fury from their win of the Haggin cup at Tevis this year.

The article covers the beginnings of EasyCare from Dr. Neel Glass to how far the Easyboot and natural hoof care has come since then.

This 10th Anniversary issue not only takes a look back at barefoot history but a look forward into the barefoot future. The amazing Easyboot Glove  is definitely one of the greatest developments in the last 10 years.

You will find articles in this issue by Pete Ramey, Dr. Robert Bowker as well as stories on cutting barefoot and even jumping barefoot.

Seeing Garrett and Fury make barefoot history just proves that barefoot is not a fad – it is here to stay.

You can go to The Horse’s Hoof website by clicking here.

Has anyone you know pulled their shoes and converted to barefoot based on your successful barefoot/booting experience?

Shari Murray