There are always reasons why our favorite coffee shop is our favorite coffee shop. Maybe it’s the atmosphere or energy of the baristas. Maybe it’s the boldness of the roast. Maybe it’s a convenient stop on your commute. After becoming a boot user and investigating alternative options to steel shoes, I’ve come to recognize what it is about EasyCare that makes me want to write home about them. This is why I will be as loyal to EasyCare products as I am to Yo Jo’s Coffee Shop.

1. EasyCare is Real.
EasyCare is made up of a team of horse people. Some staff have ridden the majority of their lives while other staff were introduced at their time of inception to the EasyCare Team. In either circumstance, each staff member is an expert in every topic between hoof rehabilitation to performance.

2. It’s Not Just a Hoof.
Rather than recommending a boot style based on if you’re a pleasure rider or a performance rider, EasyCare takes it a step further to make sure your boots are successful. We like to recommend boots based on your horse’s hoof shape. A good fit is the number one factor for determining boot success, so it all starts with your horse’s dimensions and the ability of the boot to complement it. Most Easyboot styles utilize a slightly different size chart to fit hooves of diverse shapes and sizes.

3. EasyCare Listens.
One of the biggest ways EasyCare brings the latest and greatest to the hoof boot world is by listening to you. Garrett Ford, President and CEO, tailors his research/development projects and approaches by staying in touch with the needs of customers. Garrett, himself, is a successful endurance rider and tests his inventions in the mountains of Durango, Colorado and at races in every kind of terrain.

4. Priorities.
The horse and rider relationship is our number one priority. Barefoot horses have been said to live longer lives in better health. EasyCare is proud to provide products that enhance the experience of each the horse and their person. If your horse is shod, barefoot, or in the middle, EasyCare has a creation that will enrich your horsey lifestyle.

5. Simplicity.
EasyCare helps to make life easier. Whether you are transitioning a horse from shod to barefoot or your horse threw a shoe and needs a backup, EasyCare is here to provide the guidance and product you need for each endeavor.

Mariah Reeves

easycare-customer service-mariah

Customer Service

As one of the customer service representatives, I am happy to help get your horse into the right boots. I promote holistic methods of equine care and will assist you with finding the perfect fit for horse and rider.