Fortunately, we horse people always seem to be the easiest to buy for: lavish leather halters, gaudy t-shirts, new riding gear, bridle charms, or home décor; the items adorned in “horse” never ends. Our favorite gifts, of any genre, are the ones we will never again be able to go without. Want to give the gift that keeps on giving this year? Here are 5 reasons every horse person you know needs a Stowaway saddle pack.

1. Ride prepared and stay organized on the trail: The compartmentalization of each Stowaway is intuitive. The design of each pack is thought out in a way to allow for maximum storage while still keeping all items tidy.

2. Fits all your saddles: The Deluxe Stowaway styles are intended to fit a variety of saddle types. Both the Deluxe Pommel Stowaway and the Deluxe Stowaway (attaches to the cantle) are the most versatile packs on the market. The ways in which the straps are enabled to attach to a saddle are nearly endless.

3. Durable: The Stowaway Packs are a favorite among endurance and rugged trail riders. You can expect your Stowaway to accompany you for many, many riding adventures. The material uses no-rip technology that will not snag and is water-resistant.

4. Variety of colors and styles: Choose a style that best matches your riding needs and then pick a color to pull your tack set together.

5. Bounce-free and quiet: No jostling of trail snacks or drinks. No irritating clinks or clamors.

To find out more, call us today or check out the available styles here.

Mariah Reeves

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