Are you interested in taking your endurance riding strategies to new heights? Dennis Summers has just released a new book called 4th Gear – Power Up Your Endurance Horse.

Dennis and his wife, Sue, have a 93% completion rate over their combined 32,000+ AERC competition miles. Their focus has consistently been long distance races, boasting more than 213 starts in 75-100-mile races with a 92% completion rate in that category including 43 wins and 39 Best Condition awards.

In his book, Dennis discusses advanced conditioning methods to progressively build the long-distance horse to levels that have never before been seen. He reviews recommendations in feed and supplements, as well as new choices in hoof protection, tack and riding approaches that will enable the mid-pack rider to move up to the front of the line.

There are hundreds of books available for the athlete who wants to improve their running or biking skills, but most books and trade show seminars for the endurance rider are geared for the beginner. Dennis touches on the subjects that can most help riders prepare themselves and their horses reach their desired goals. "If that goal is to select a super horse and prepare him to someday run with the big dogs, great." says Dennis of his first book. "If you have a seasoned horse that will never set the world on fire but wants to try and get 50 milers done before happy hour, that’s great too. I will try to give you ammunition toward that end."

Dennis' intent is for the reader to begin thinking in new directions by discussing subjects the reader may have previously given little thought to. The end result: a high-performing horse and rider team. "The rest is up to you to make the correct move in the thousands of little situations and challenges you encounter," says Dennis. 

Like the human athlete, the equine varies greatly in athletic ability and potential performance. With that in mind, Dennis proposes that the reader chooses the strategies based on the horse's specific assets, liabilities and current level of fitness.

If you are open to new ideas, this book will help you get outside your comfort zone and experiment "The end result," says Dennis, "will be great, but the whole journey with your horse is an experience to cherish. Let’s get started with this thing."

You can buy the e-book through Amazon or through Lulu. To read more about the book and the author, go to

Kevin Myers


Director of Marketing

I am responsible for the marketing and branding of the EasyCare product line. I believe there is a great deal to be gained from the strategy of using booted protection for horses, no matter what the job you have for your equine partner.