There are only 51 days left for your chance to win one of the following great prizes:


1st Place – 7 Night Mexican Riviera Cruise
2nd Place – iPod Touch
3rd Place – EasyCare embroidered Cloudveil Jacket
4th Place – iPod Nano
5th Place – iPod Shuffle

If you are a current domestic EasyCare dealer and you have not trained with 3point5 you are missing out.  Although the training will be available all year, these prizes are only available until April 30, 2010.  See below for contest rules and the current leader board.

The top five performers through April 30th, 2010 win! You must complete all training modules to compete. Only your first six attempts at each Edu-Game count toward your best score.

Contest runs 01/13/2010 through 04/30/2010.

Only 6 Edu-Game attempts are allowed for each module. Additional attempts will not be counted towards the contest entry.

The following training modules must be completed to qualify for the contest:

  • Fit & Construction
  • Hoof Boots
  • Our Momentum
  • Our Story

Below is a list of the current top 25.

Rank Name Association Score
1 Sarina Barbara Angel’s Heavenly Horses 57.569
2 Angelique Barbara Angel’s Heavenly Horses 65.259
3 Rebecca Wyatt Nature’s Path Hoof Care 66.748
4 Kerry Koob LeValley Equine Service 69.382
5 Darrin Koob LeValley Equine Service 70.738
6 Vicky Hollingsworth High Performance Hoof Care – WI 73.422
7 Natalie Herman Epona’s Natural Hoofcare 73.788
8 Maria Siebrand Maria Siebrand 75.086
9 Diane Fralish Riverwind Saddle & Tack 76.252
10 jeannean mercuri Pride Treeless Saddles 80.005
11 Alek Majtenyi The Tackroom – CA 80.533
12 Mallory Eroh Choice Brands Equestrian 82.046
13 Jeannie Wright Jeannie Wright 87.016
14 Tamera Arnold Better Off Bare Natural Hoof Care 88.865
15 Clare Painter Dare To Go Bare Hoofcare 90.786
16 Edward McCoskey Happy Horse Hoof Care 96.289
17 Laura Sword Choice Brands Equestrian 102.827
18 Jennifer Borchard Jennifer Borchard 103.314
19 Barbara Taylor Nature’s Hoof 106.101
20 Lynette Herrick Buffalo Creek Stables, LLC 109.848
21 Julie Haggard Valley Vet Supply – KS 111.657
22 john saint Ryan John Saint Ryan 113.348
23 kate bremer Forest Horse 113.394
24 Patti Lehmann RNR Ranch & Tack 114.407
25 Katy Clark Bare Feet by Katy 115.608


If you have questions on how you can get involved please contact EasyCare at 800-447-8836 of email us at