The 17th annual International Hoof Care Summit (IHCS) was held in Cincinnati, Ohio, last week. Three of our team members were in attendance representing EasyCare. They were able to showcase our products and visit with numerous hoof care professionals, veterinarians, farriers, and suppliers.

IHCS2020 LogoThe theme of the IHCS this year was “Focus on Hoof Care for a Healthier Horse.” According to American Farriers Journal, “it was a 4-day event that offered unparalleled hoof care education through 6 General Sessions, 14 Hoof Care Classrooms, 32 Hoof Care Roundtables, and 18 ‘How-To’ Clinics. The IHCS features the most respected and knowledgeable farriers, veterinarians, and equine professionals in the industry, reporting on the latest trends and topics critical to the hoof-care industry today. On average, Summit attendees take home more than $4,576 in ready-to-use hoof-care ideas.”

The trade show, showcasing over 130 vendors, was well attended. The EasyCare team visited with professionals from all over the United States, as well as professionals from the United Kingdom, China, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa, South America, the Netherlands, and Sweden. There was steady traffic by the EasyCare booth and a lot of interest in our current boot and shoe collections.


EasyCare highlighted its newest urethane shoe, the EasyShoe Versa. This shoe design features both front and hind patterns, currently available in ten different sizes of each pattern. It has a metal core with integrated side clips surrounded by a durable urethane that can easily be modified to fit most hooves. This shoe features competitive pricing and additional nailing options with pre-drilled holes that allow for a secure fit. Many hoof care professionals purchased samples to take home and try. We are excited to receive their feedback.

Our EasyCare team at the IHCS had a great time. We look forward to participating in future events.


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