Here we are again, the year is almost over and it is a great time for a summary of this year’s highlights. The 2013 Easyboot/EasyShoe success stories include:

Kevin Myers on his way to win the 100 Mile National Championship. Photo by Merri Melde.

Christoph Schork on the final stretch to win the 50 Mile National Championship with red Easyboot Glue-Ons.

Jeremy Reynolds winning at NAETC.

EasyShoe glued on Starlit Way from Global Endurance Training Center (GETC).

I have heard comments that these guys would have won anyway, regardless of what kind of hoof protection they are using. Maybe so, maybe not. But this is not the point. The point is that Easyboots of all kind are being sought out by the best in the sport. These are the athletes who are detail oriented and only select the best products for their horses. They know how attention to the detail can make the difference between success and failure. These riders are the leaders in their sport. EasyCare hoof protection allows their horses to maximize their performance.

During the many clinics conducted in 2013 by EasyCare Staff in the US and myself in the US and Europe, we received a lot of feedback from hoof care professionals and riders. All of these comments were pondered over and evaluated to help produce the new EasyShoe. It truly was a group effort and without everybody’s help the final product would not be what it is now. The same can be said about all of the EasyCare products on the market – they are made by the riders and for the riders.

Hoof care professionals in Germany discussing the new EasyShoe.

During last month’s blog: EasyShoe Clinics Going Global, I described the advantages of the EasyShoe. The EasyShoe will not replace hoof boots, but they will round out the hoof protection available. Now EasyCare is providing the full spectrum of hoof protection, from the trail riders to the top national and international competitors of all equestrian disciplines.

Hoof care clinic conducted by the Bootmeister in Oreana, Idaho.

GE Seastar of Global Endurance Training Center is traveling with her new EasyShoes in the snow. 

2014 will bring the opportunity for many riders to try the new EasyShoes. I truly believe these shoes will be turning heads and be of unparalleled success. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and fun filled and successful New Ride Year!

Your Bootmeister

Christoph Schork

Global Endurance Training Center