MileMakers in Larkspur, Colorado would like to announce some great Education Clinics in 2012.

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Rusty Toth

On April 14, 2012 we kick off the year with:

Natural Hoof Care and Hoof Booting Workshop with Rusty Toth

Education on Natural Hoof Care and Trimming!

Bring a horse for a trim, and boot fitting!

Everyone Is Welcome, with or without a horse!

Rusty Toth is a graduate of the Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care.  He has also understudied with Duncan McLaughlin from the Australian Natural Hoof Care School.  Rusty is a professional trimmer whose clientele is comprised mostly of endurance, barrel racing, and cutting horses.  Rusty’s personal equine passion is Endurance.  He has completed numerous 100 mile events barefoot/booted and believes in the success from this protocol as the most beneficial for both the soundness and health of our equine's performance and pleasure alike.

Please RSVP    With number of horses and people attending. We will send you the address and directions at that time.  10 AM until  3 PM   Light lunch provided.

Boot Fitting and Education is Free

Trims are $45.00

Large Inventory of Easycare Hoof Boot Products Available for Sale!

Our next Spring event is May 12-13, 2012 with:

Hybrid Horseman


Paul Williamson (41) started riding at age 10 and quickly rose up through the ranks as one of the best thoroughbred riders today. He lives and works in Japan with the Japanese Racing Association.

Paul’s non-aggressive approach and ability to “get the job done “makes him one of the YouTube’s most popular trainers with more than 3,200 subscribers. click the link to visit his channel and see him working with horses.

Paul picked up on a natural occurrence that happens in all horses, and turned it into one of the most valuable tools a horseperson can have in their toolbox.  He calls it The TAP and has incorporated this tool into his colt starting system. This training tool can be matched by no-one in regards to starting time (under 20mins).

Participants may bring young horses to be started or horses with dangerous behavior problems.

Topics to Be Covered

• Paul’s signature TAP demonstrated live. Not to be missed!

• Learn tips and tricks of ground driving.

• See at least 5 horses started in one day, using different techniques.

• Learn the dos & don’ts of side-reins.

• All colt starting & training questions answered.

• Learn easier, safer & kinder ways to handle your horse.

• Stop wondering if you have what it takes to start your own horse, find out!


1-Day Audit           $45

2-Day Audit          $60

Bring your horse   $100 per horse 1- day session, stalls available!

Rounding out the Summer in July, MileMakers presents:

Stacy Westfall


Now booking private lessons with Stacy Westfall.  This is an opportunity to ride one-on-one with Stacy.  You do not have to have a reining horse or western style horse to take a private lesson!  Stacy instructs all disciplines. There will not be a formal clinic format, no auditors/audience.  

This is by appointment only!  July 21-26, 2012

Please inquire for details on days, times and fees.