No matter how you look at it, the 2010 EasyCare Hoof Boot Contest and sister campaign, EasyCare Gives Back to AERC, were a resounding success.

Terri Tinkham & Oliver Twist

Terri Tinkham & Oliver Twist. Photo by Steve Bradley:

Riders enrolled in the 2010 edition of the EasyCare Hoof Boot Contest racked up an astonishing  41,191 miles – almost exactly double the mileage totals for the 2009 Hoof Boot Contest.

For AERC, that generated unrestricted and unbudgeted revenues of $10,298. “We are eternally grateful to EasyCare for their meaningful support of AERC. It was timely and it was very much appreciated,” said Randy Eiland, chairman of the AERC Sponsorship Committee.

In addition to the funds paid to AERC, EasyCare also paid out more than $13,000 in bonus mileage cash to the highest mileage riders based on quarterly mileage tabulations. “Now that the year is complete,” said Garrett Ford, President and CEO of EasyCare, “we can finally announce the winners of the overall 2010 contest. That means there is another $10,000 in cash prizes we will award this month.”

Winner of the EasyCare 2010 Hoof Boot Contest is Terri Tinkham, who rode a mind-boggling 1,715 miles with Oliver Twist. In hot pursuit, 2009 winner, Carla Richardson, rode 1,595 miles with SS Kharady Khid to second place. And in third place is Christoph Schork, who rode Stars Aflame and Double Zell to an accumulated total of 1,435 miles.

Terri and Oliver completed 34 endurance rides in the 2010 ride season. Oliver now boasts 6,735 career miles, and he just keeps on trucking.

Top Ten 2010 Hoof Boot Contest Results

RankRider NameHorse #1MilesHorse #2MilesTotal
1Terri TinkhamOliver Twist17151715
2Carla RichardsonSS Kharady Khid15951595
3Christoph SchorkStars Aflame680Double Zell7551435
4Mari UralPsyche’s Quest1265Jabear’s Streakin Harley1001365
5Kevin WatersTahoe’s Thunder250DE Golden Ali11101360
6Laurie BirchScudd Run12101210
7Natalie HermanCheyenne760Intrigue’s Firestorm3001060
8Dian WoodwardHalyva NIght525Starlit Way405930
9Karen BumgarnerZ Summer Thunder865865
10Carol LaytonOmani Mr. Sqiggle650Omani City Smoke231863

The 2011 EasyCare $10,000 Hoof Boot Contest has been expanded to incorporate a Competitive Trail (CTR) division. Click here to read the more detailed contest information.

Easyboot is the official hoof boot of NATRC, AERC and Tevis 2011.

Keep up the Bootlegging!

Kevin Myers

Director of Marketing

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